Winter Bedroom Decorations

This year I hope to do more decorating in my room according to the season or occasion. I also hope to keep it more tidy and clean! I feel that January is a good time to clear out and decorate so I have decided to make my room more suited for winter. Below is what I have done:

This year I have decided to wrap a winter evergreen wreath around my bed. I brought the wreath from TK Maxx. I have also brought some new winter bedding from H and M. I love how well this bedding goes with my blue blanket and glittery pillow. The blanket and pillow were both brought as a christmas present for me a couple of years ago.

I just love candles! I decided to include evergreen that fell off the wreath (shown on my bed) by the candle. This lovely candle was also a christmas gift for me. My bedroom will always have a candle inside and I feel that they make my bedroom look more cosy and relaxing.

Photo by Immortal shots – See latest on

So here is what my room will look like for most of this winter! The next time that I hope to decorate my room is during Valentine’s Day. Hope you like this!

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