Winter Bedroom Decorations

This year I hope to do more decorating in my room according to the season or occasion. I also hope to keep it more tidy and clean! I feel that January is a good time to clear out and decorate so I have decided to make my room more suited for winter. Below is what I have done:

This year I have decided to wrap a winter evergreen wreath around my bed. I brought the wreath from TK Maxx. I have also brought some new winter bedding from H and M. I love how well this bedding goes with my blue blanket and glittery pillow. The blanket and pillow were both brought as a christmas present for me a couple of years ago.

I just love candles! I decided to include evergreen that fell off the wreath (shown on my bed) by the candle. This lovely candle was also a christmas gift for me. My bedroom will always have a candle inside and I feel that they make my bedroom look more cosy and relaxing.

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So here is what my room will look like for most of this winter! The next time that I hope to decorate my room is during Valentine’s Day. Hope you like this!

Favourite Beauty Products discovered in 2019. Hoping to use them more in 2020!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

As I have got older, I have noticed that the skin under my eyes are starting to look more tired and little more puffy. In addition to age, I reckon that this is due to dehydration as well. The skin under your eyes is very thin meaning that it’s the area to show earlier sights of ageing. Since using this product, I feel that the puffiness doesn’t look as obvious. Even if you haven’t developed wrinkles yet, I would still recommend an eye care cream as the right one will delay them from appearing. This is only a travel one that I got free from the Estee Lauder Christmas Gift Set. I am hoping to buy the bigger eye repair serum when this runs out.

Aussie Miracle Moist Set

Due to one of my 2019 goals being taking better care of my hair, I’ve learnt that the key is hydration. I am prone to frizzy hair, which will happen due to dryness and lack of moisture. Whenever little parts of my hair stick out it is screaming for water! I love using Aussie products for my hair. I have discovered that the Moist Aussie collection have really moisturised my hair which have helped control the frizziness and dryness. The smell is still amazing and my hair feels so soft. I have even noticed my hair getting thicker and longer!

Argan+ lip balms and skin products

My mum brought me a Argan+ nourishing lip balm as she saw good reviews on the product. I would back these reviews 100% as my lips are always moisturised whenever I apply this product – even after taking Roaccutane drugs, which led to my lips being painfully dry! During the winter months, I have recently brought the soothing lip balm which I feel does the same thing but it is a bit better. This led me to trying out the Argan+ body exfoliator and shower moisturiser that I use in the bath, making my skin feel so refreshed and moisturised.

Estee Lauder Brow Multi-Tasker

I love how this product has so many functions. I use it to tidy my eyebrow with the brush and then use the powder to colour in the gaps. As my eyebrows are naturally in good shape and in fullness, this product is perfect for me!

NAKED Honey eye palette

I just love the shimmery shades of gold and brown in this palette. It is really suited to my hazel eye colour. The colours in this palette are well pigmented with a lot of glitter. I love that this eye palette is versatile, I can use this palette for nights out and use it for work.

Liz Earle Face Exfoliator

It is recommended to exfoliate twice a week for fresh, healthy skin. As I have sensitive skin, I love this Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as it is very gentle on the skin. I tend to use this twice a week, as recommended, by putting a small amount on a dry face (with or without make up). I then put warm water on a Liz Earle cotton cloth where I gently massage this on my face. Afterwards I throw cold water on my face then leave it to dry naturally before doing my usual night skincare routine.

Ideas to beat the January Blues!

Christmas is over, all of the sudden it’s January! Even though it is the start of a new year, for a lot of people, January is usually the worst month of the year. Some people have spent a lot of money on christmas and some people feel low as the festive season is over. People may feel fat due to the amount that they have eaten for the past few days and there is just not much to look forward to in January. The cold gets to a lot of people as well, where the lack of sunlight leads to people usually having low, irritable moods and constantly wishing for summer.

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However, there are some ways I’ve thought of to make your January a more positive and enjoyable month:

  • Planning for the new year: The new year is about reflecting on the previous year and thinking about the next coming year. Some of you may have in mind new years resolutions or goals that you hope to achieve this year. You may either write these ideas down or if possible organise and start fulfilling your dreams now! Examples may be booking your dream holiday, applying for a new job or getting that gym membership.
  • Exercise: I would suggest this all of the time, not just for January! Although I would say that exercise is even better for brightening your mood during those dark, cold months. I attend yoga classes once a week and I would really recommend it as I feel more physically and mentally fit from doing this. However, you don’t need to attend regular classes, workouts in your room or a walk around the park is just as good.
  • Make the most of cold, winter nights: January and even winter isn’t going to last forever so why not enjoy it! This is the time for long, hot bubble baths, lighting lots of candles and staying cosy in bed watching TV – while drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream 🙂
  • Making your house as tidy and cosy as you can: As many people will spend most of their time indoors during this month, it is an ideal time to clean out and tidy up the house. I have started to love searching for winter home and bedroom ideas on Pinterest. You can be as creative as you want. This may even lead to a new project or goal.
  • Using a slow cooker: The use of the slow cooker is perfect for cooking warm food like soup this month. Even if you are not a lover of soup, there are lots of recipes to try. I would recommend using this YouTube channel:

Enjoy January and happy new year!